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Skaga Omega 3 Fish Oil is a natural food used as a dietary supplement for your horse. Skaga Fish Oil has a high Omega 3 (EPA + DHA) content, which provides your horse with essential polyunsaturated fatty acids to help maintain his or her joints, circulation, immune defence, metabolism and appetite, In addition, it is effective against dry skin and ensures a healthy and shiny coat. Added antioxidant: Vitamin E. Additional information and advice is available from your veterinary surgeon.

Skaga Omega 3 Fish Oil should be used on a daily basis. Add it to your horse’s feed.
The recommended daily dose is dependent upon the horse’s weight: 120 ml for large horses to 500 kg, 60 ml for ponies. May not be used in human nutrition.

The world’s purest fish oil with Omega 3
Skaga Omega 3 Fish Oil is produced from 100% fish (wild fish) caught in Danish waters and all the way up to the northernmost fishing grounds in the Atlantic.

Skaga Omega 3 is produced in the world’s most advanced processing plant. There are only two of these plants worldwide - one in the USA and one set up by FF Skagen at Skagen Harbour, where a hygienic and controlled production line ensures a pure and fresh end-product with a particularly low content of free fatty acids. Skaga Omega 3 is completely free from heavy metals, toxins and impurities. You simply won’t find the oil in any purer form.

You can safely serve Skaga Omega 3 as a nourishing and healthy dietary supplement to your horse. Skaga Omega 3 is the world’s purest fish oil.